Comics, novels, cookbooks: the best of Lebanon in books

This week, the Puzzle team leaves for the land of the cedar, Lebanon, to pay tribute to the city of Beirut, ravaged by a violent explosion on August 4th, 2010. An opportunity to discover an exceptional culture. We wanted Puzzle to help you discover or rediscover a country and a culture so close to us. Books collection , music, podcasts, movies and video games.

“The oriental piano”, an ode to the double culture

“The Oriental Piano” is a biography and a romanticized autobiography of the author Zeina Abirached, as much as an ode to the double culture. The drawing of the Lebanese author is magnificent, using only black and white, hypnotizing, as in her school books printed without colors, like the keys of the piano. In this comic strip, Zeina Abirached draws a parallel with her own life, shared between Lebanon and France, between Arabic and French.

The war experienced by a little girl

Unfortunately, it is difficult to talk about Lebanon without mentioning the civil war that took place there from 1975 to 1990.Zeina Abirached had always made an autobiographical account full of irony in “Le Jeu des hirondelles” (The Game of the Swallows), in which she tells the story of a night of her childhood in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war. On August 27, 2020, the first novel by the author Dima Abdallah, “Mauvaises herbes” (Weeds), was published, in which the war is also experienced by a little girl.

Eating is politics and cooking is sharing.

To end on a softer note, we’re going to talk about food, because culture is also food and there’s more to life than hummus and falafels! So, if you like Lebanese food, you’ll love “Manger libanais”.the recipes are from Kamal Mouzawak, food activist from Beirut.he chose this title rather than chef because according to him, eating is politics, cooking is sharing and sharing a meal together is the best way to meet the other.

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