The cookbook by Jean-François Piège, a must have for professional or amateur cooks |

Nicolas de Rabaudy - January 10, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

This culinary encyclopedia brings together the essentials of French gastronomy.

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Double-starred chef at the Grand Restaurant de Paris, Jean-François Trap, former right-hand man of Alain Ducasse, publishes a formidable set of 1,000 bourgeois and popular recipes, from rabbit to mustard to Melba peach: a culinary encyclopedia that will make a date.

Portrait of Jean-François Trap.© James Bort

In its Grand livre de la cuisine française, bourgeois and popular recipes, we find the essentials of French gastronomy inspired by the territories and provinces: each region has its blanquette of veal, coq au vin or le loup with or without fennel..

For the former chef of the ambassadors of Crillon, an absolute rule: you learn to cook thanks to that of others and one day you make your own.

"Culinary art and books have made me the cook in white that I am today.This work, written with enormous pleasure, is a work of truth and transmission," says the artist of the grilled sweetbread on walnut shells on the menu of his Parisian restaurant (75008 Paris).

This gourmet bible is organized from products, from lamb to turbot through vanilla, stuffing and sauces: there is everything an amateur or professional cook can dream of concocting for himself, his family and restaurant patrons.

"I slipped into the skin of a kitchen arpète.The recipes have been brought up to date", writes the very learned chef from Drôme in his preface.

Posted Date: 2021-01-20

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