Wissem, Algerian graphic designer turned Parisian deliveryman in survival mode

Paris (AFP) - "We can no longer live with this job": Wissem swallows 700 kilometers per week to deliver cooked meals on a scooter in the Paris suburbs.If the confinement has increased demand, wages stagnate and the demands of couriers remain dead letter, he tells AFP.

At 6 p.m.that evening, seven couriers were already waiting in the cold before the shooting in Courbevoie, north-west of Paris, facing one of the Deliveroo Editions, these kitchens that the company made available to partner restaurateurs and whose releases a production exclusively intended for delivery.

Half an hour later, they are about twenty.Among them, Wissem Inal, 32, stocky, growing beard on a round face.This "multi-platform" delivery man, willingly caustic on the phone with the customer, has worked for Deliveroo since 2017, but also other companies like Uber Eats and Stuart.

The young Algerian, who lives in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), put his activity as a graphic designer on hold in the face of declining demand due to the health crisis.He delivers six to ten orders every evening, between 6 p.m.and 23h.

"At the moment, with the confinement, I take out 500 euros net per month", he explains to AFP, showing the screen of his smartphone, on which is displayed his balance sheet for the last months: 883.35 euros in October, 506.93 euros in November ..."Obviously, you withdraw 22% of taxes, and that does not take into account my charges such as equipment and fuel!", he hastens to specify.

Wissem admits having struggled to "see the bright side" of his job in recent months, criticizing the "fuzzy" operation of the Deliveroo algorithm.

"I would like the delivery men to be remunerated at their fair value.Today, a race can be worth 6 euros at lunchtime and the same 3 euros at night.You can't live with this job any longer, unless you become slaves" , he blurted out.

Posted Date: 2020-12-16

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